Imperial Cities Tour

To visit Morocco is still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines.”―Edith Wharton

Discover the guided Imperial cities tour in 8 days 7 night on a Luxury Private Tour in the” Kingdom of lights ” in 5 Stars accommodations

Why you should go in this imperial cities Tour?

Let yourself be intrigued by the mysteries of” Morocco, the Kingdom of lights” and go back in time on a guided Imperial cities Tour in 5 stars hotels. Discover all the history of Morocco inscribed on the walls of the 4 imperial cities: Marrakesh, Rabat, Meknes and Fez. In addition, we will make you live an authentic and luxurious experience. Meet the “real world”, go to places frequented by residents, discover their neighborhoods, their restaurants, explore the destination as a local. The best Morocco imperial cities tour family- friendly.

What’ s the big deal? As a bonus for our customers: the guided visit of Roman ruins of Volubilis, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is included in the Imperial Cities Tour.

Tour name: Imperial cities tour

What you expect in this Imperial Cities Tour?

– It’s not just a simple trip, but a real luxurious experience!

– Best family- friendly tour.

– For a week, live the life of prince and princess in palaces with an oriental touch.

– Private Transfer from and to airport.

– Transport by private car or Minivan.

– Private driver speaking French, English, Spanish and Arabic.

– Local and multilingual Private professional guide for imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, volubilis, Fez and Marrakesh.

-Visit and-Monuments admission fees.

– 7 Night in 5 stars hotel or Luxury Riad.

-7 Breakfast.

– The imperial cities tour itinerary is flexible according to your travel interests and can start from Casablanca or Marrakesh and can be made in one direction or other direction or start in Casablanca and end in Marrakesh.

Free cancellation:
We understand that plans change and the unexpected can happen, so you can cancel your experiences up to 8 days before they start!

Imperial Cities Tour Highlights:

> Luxury Tour in 5 stars hotels and luxury Riads.

> Visiting the richly decorated Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

> Visiting the King Palace esplanade in Rabat, Mohammed V Mausoleum, Hassan Tower twin of “La Giralda in Spain.

> Visiting In Meknes , Moulay Ismail Mausoleum and his stable was housed 12 000 horse, the granary, and Bab El Mansour gate.

> Visiting the roman ruins of Volubilis.

> Visiting the medieval Medina of Fez.

> Visiting in Fez the unique hospital for donkey in the world.

> Visiting the Majorelle garden in Marrakesh, house of the french designer Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berger..

> Visiting Bahia Palace in Marrakesh built by the Vizir Ben Mousssa for his favorite (150 room) richly decorated.

> Balanced tour between visit and time at disposal.

> Free for children at 7 year and 50% off at 11,9 year old

> Our assistance 24/7

Morocco Imperial Cities Tour:
Follow the footsteps of the Kings:

You go in the footsteps of this king who has 500 concubines and 12000 horses or this other righteous who only wanted the glory of the Lord by building Fez. While this vizier by palace intrigues proclaimed himself regent of the king, he was built the Bahia palace for his favorite, no less than 150 rooms richly decorated. Other kings, not fearing death during their lifetime, built their tombs and excelled at it: the Saadian Tombs.

Casablanca modern city does not escape tradition, and a great King offered him a masterpiece of Arab-Muslim architecture: the Great Hassan II Mosque which can hold 25,000 people inside and 80,000 outside!

I wish Casablanca to be endowed with a large, fine building of witch it can be proud until the end of time. I want to build this mosque on the water, because God’s throne is on the water.” Feu Hassan II King of Morocco.

It is not one Morocco that you meet, but Ten, Twenty, Thousand Morocco, each preserves its traditions, its customs , its way of life and its identity. Si Abdelhadi EL ALAMI

Itinerary of the Imperial Cities Tour

Day 1 :Arrival Casablanca Mohammed V airport 

Oh, a kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca
Please come back to me in Casablanca
I love you more and more each day as time goes by Bertie Higgins

Arrival at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca (or Marrakesh or Fez airport) depending on your airline arrival. Your private driver welcome you then transfer you to the 5 stars hotel in Casablanca.( or Marrakesh or Fez) Night at the hotel in Casablanca, the main entrance to Morocco.

For those looking for a taste of old Hollywood glamour, an optional dinner in Rick’s Cafe is a must. This beautiful bar and restaurant was inspired by the Rick’s Cafe from the film Casablanca whit Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. The decor does its best to live up to it. Serving American, French and Moroccan food, head along on a Sunday to enjoy the evening jazz session and pop up to the 1st film for a free screening of the legendary “Casablanca movie”. You don’t meet SAM the pianist but certainly you listen the famous song “As time goes by”.

Day 2: Casablanca / Rabat / Meknes: UNESCO World Heritage

“The past is buried deep within the ground in Rabat, although the ancient walls in the old city are still standing, painted in electrifying variations of royal blue that make the winding roads look like stream-lets or shallow ocean water.”― Raquel Cepeda, Bird of Paradise

After breakfast at the hotel in Casablanca, you will visit the richly decorated Hassan II Mosque the largest Mosque in the world after Mecca, then panoramic visit of the Cornish and departure for Rabat, capital of Morocco. Arrival and guided visit the Mausoleum Mohammed V, grandfather of the present king. It is built in traditional style Arabo-Andalou, the Hassan Tower Twin of the Giralda in Seville in Spain (built at the same time and by the same Monarch, as well as the Koutoubia minaret in Marrakesh). A wonder of medieval Moorish world with its great minaret left unfinished when its founder died in 1199. Then visit of the esplanade of the Royal Palace and the Kasbah Oudaya on the seafront where Robinson Crusoe was locked up before escaping to Brazil. Optional lunch then departure for the city of Meknes, arrival and installation at your Luxury Riad.

Day 3: Meknes (a world Unesco heritage)

“it is a place made for painters … the beautiful abounds … the beautiful runs the streets, I am stunned by all that I saw, I am at this moment like a man who dreams. ” 
Eugene de Lacroix said of Meknes in 1832 

Breakfast in the hotel, guided visit  of MEKNES, a Unesco World Heritage, the 16th century capital whose ruler, Moulay Ismail, modeled himself on France’s ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV.

-To enter in Meknes Medina, is to enter another universe: Go back in time to the 17th century.

The Medina its listed an UNESCO world heritage. Known as the “Versailles of Morocco”, Meknes is an ancient place of power and prestige marked by the footprints of Sultan Moulay Ismaïl who reigned the city more than 50 years. Discover the monumental gate which inspired the popular writer: Bab el Mansour gate. The royal stables housed 12000 horses and the granary will leave you speechless !

The guided tour of this historical city includes Moulay Ismail mausoleum, Bab El Mansour gate, considered as the finest and most photographed gateway in Morocco. The triumphal arch, Royal stables and the granary.

What’s special in Meknes? Meknes is the capital of olives and olive oil also the only city in Morocco where you can find decorations and jewelry made by copper-smiths!

Volubilis :

-The Roman ruins of Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are the most well preserved ruins in Morocco. In the North of Meknes, stands the largest Roman archaeological site in Morocco, which is Volubilis. Triumphal arch, capitol, house of Bacchus, everything bears witness to the splendor of the city and to its economic and political role.  

The Romans began building the city of Volubilis around 40 AD in order to keep control of this North African region which was successively occupied by the Greeks, and the Carthaginian merchants.  In the second and third centuries, the region began to develop more rapidly when the Romans began cultivating grain.  The victory Arch, built in 217 in honor of the Roman emperor Caracalla

Continue to FEZ where you will check-in to your 5 stars hotel or Riad ( an a aristocratic house) for two nights.

Day 4: Fez; (a world UNESCO heritage)

If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on FEZ.

Fez is not easily engaged To reach it, it is necessary to return by the main entrance, at once visible and veiled, of the sacred. Because Fez is a sanctuary. It is so moreover that Soufis, these initiated of the Islam, always called her: Zaouïa. The traveler who came by far knew that by arriving near the city, he is to his founder and to his very patron saint that he asked for the hospitality. For him, Fez is the city of Moulay Idriss. Many of fassis (inhabitants of Fez ) still know by heart what the commentators report as being the words, during the inaugural prayer, during the saint: ” Ô Seigneur, You know that I did not build this city by vanity, by desire of fame or by pride. But I would want that you are liked there, that Your Book is Read to it and Your Law applied as long as will last the world. Ô Seigneur, guide towards the good those who live there and helps to carry out him, veil for them the sword of the anarchy and the dissidence … ” 

Get lost in the holy city

After breakfast, the whole day will be devoted to discovering Fez, a UNESCO World Heritage and the oldest of the imperial cities. Home to the world’s first Karaouine university dating from the 9th century and one of the most complete medieval cities in existence. Protected by the walls, it seems suspended in a time warp, somewhere between the Middle Ages and the modern. But it’s more than that, it is a cultural capital, visited by travelers from all over the world. You experience its noisy artisans selling everything from colorful spice, leather, wood, the famous wool and silk carpets woven by women cooperative from generation to generation, (the myth says that Aladdin’s carpet was woven in Fez?) The Fez carpets known throughout the world for their finesse and the beauty of their colors and floral patterns. Taste and experience the delicious dish and pastries flavored with cinnamon and honey. You will also explore the famous souks where craftsmen still labor in the age-old oriental tradition. Optional Lunch in aristocratic house transformed in restaurant. Continue sightseeing in the afternoon. You will visit the Najjarine Fountain, the water clock, the wood museum and the American Foundouk the only one hospital in the world devoted for donkeys: a special experience!

What’s special in Fez? leather, wool and silk carpets, pastries flavored with cinnamon and honey, Pastilla.

Return to the hotel and overnight.(5 stars hotel or Luxury Riad: (an aristocratic house). (B,B) 

Optional diner in the best Moroccan restaurant, or in Moroccan restaurant whit spectacle.

Day 5: Fez / Marrakesh

After breakfast at the hotel, early departure by highway (6 h) or by Middle Atlas road (8 h) for the city of Marrakesh:

On the way to Marrakesh by Atlas road ( slow tourism ) you visit the city of Ifrane a ski resort and voted the second cleanest city in the world after Calgary in Canada! You will pass by the city of Azrou known by its college of which several high executives of Morocco were formed there. Shortly before you make a stop at the forest of cedars to contemplate macaque monkeys in freedom and take a photo with the cedar of Gouraud a French General he lost his arm during the first world war and who gave his name to this cedar the 2 have their arms cut off (the cedar and the french general).
You continue towards Khenifra before beginning your descent towards the plains of Tadla, the granary of Morocco and the vast orange groves in Morocco. In the town of Beni Mellal, small tour at the Ain Assardoune spring to relax your legs then continue your journey, via EL KELAA before arriving at the end of the day in Marrakesh.

Arrival and installation at your 5 stars hotel or luxury Riad. Time at your disposal.

What’s special in Marrakesh? Tanjia ( stew cooked in the pot ), Berber carpet and leather.

Day 6: Marrakesh (a world Unesco heritage)

“If in Marrakesh were my stories, i would live there”

Meet and Experience the unexpected

I have been told of an oasis city that the sun floods with its light and does not leave until it is entrusted to the moon. A city where the olive trees, orange trees and roses of its gardens rival paradise. Colors, atmosphere, perfumes, smiling and welcoming faces. A city of lights, a happy city that knows how to welcome its guests and make them happy.
This city is Marrakesh! And if Marrakesh were my stories, i would live there.

After breakfast at the hotel, guided tour of Marrakesh, the Bahia Palace, a jewel of Arab-Andalusian architecture: 150 rooms lavishly decorated, built by the vizir Ba Hmad for his favorite!
You visit the Medina and its multicolored souks where the art of negotiation is done around a glass of mint tea:

A real labyrinth where the crowd snatches you, then brings you into the game of rays of light. In a maze of shady streets, we cross the copper souk where dinandiers hammer the metal ancestral way. In the souk of the dyers, they dry large skeins of wool with rich colors, stretched from one wall to another on poles. And At the carpets souk, it solled at auction to the highest bidder. 
And the potter’s souk presents tajine dishes, glazed pottery and beautiful ceramics. We also cross the souk of jewelers, leather-workers and cabinetmakers. In the end the spice souk, there, the scents of saffron, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, orange blossoms daze the senses. 
Further on the shelves of apothecaries line up amber, musk, henna pots, jasmine or rose extract vials. And to end on a high note, visit the famous Jemma el Fna square. An open-air theater, invaded at dusk by acrobats, monkey and snake trainers, musicians, storytellers, Henne tattoo artists, fortune tellers of good fortune and one of the great street food places in the Morocco!

What’s Jamaa el Fna square? by Juan Goytosolo

*Agora, theatrical performance. Point of convergence: open and plural space, vast field of ideas, peasants, shepherds, roundworms, merchants coming from bus stations, taxi ranks, drowsy car rental stops. Merged into an idle mass, absorbed in the contemplation of the daily hustle and bustle. Supported by license and heedless of the terrain, in a continuous and capricious movement: immediate contact between strangers, oblivion of social constraints, identification in prayer and laughter, temporary suspension of hierarchies, joyful equality of people. » Juan Goytosolo.

Jacques Majorelle Gardens visit

Night at the 5 stars hotel or luxury riad.

Optional diner cabaret live show: (please advise in advance: mandatory reservation).

Day 7: Marrakesh/Casablanca

After breakfast at the hotel, departure for Casablanca at anytime you want, arrival and installation at your hotel, time at your disposal.

Day 8: Airport transfer

Who is used to travel, knows that there comes a day when hi have to leave”. Paulo Coehelo

After breakfast in the hotel and according your time flight, transfer to airport for your return flight.

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